I have been reading many web pages and papers and its hard to remember what was relevant and what not, and so we have decided to put them all in one collective space, so that my supervisors and research team mates from the Education department (and anyone who is interested in also reading the articles) can browse what I have been reading and read the articles and pages themselves. I will continually be updating this page as I read and find new articles and sites that may be of interest.

The list below is an incomplete version of all that I have read, what I want to do is find a way of outputing my bibTex to text or html and then importing it here for display so that I don't have to write things each time... I am currently working on that and hopefully it will be here soon, so that you can all see a complete list of the things I have been reading.

Journals and Papers


  1. Communities of the Information Society: The role of Information and Communication Technologies in Education
  2. SchoolNet, Africa and the IDRC
  3. Uninet - The South African academic and research network
  4. Computers in Schools: A national survey of Information Communication Technology in South African schools
  5. 1996 SA School Connectivity Review
  6. National Survey on ICT education in South African schools
  7. List of ICT projects being done in Africa
  8. South African township school, ICT and the Internet
  9. Telkom Supercentres
  10. Telkom Supercentres phase 2
  11. Telkom Supercentre Partners
  12. Internet Technology for schools (book review)
  13. Nortel Networks Connectivity projects in South Africa
  14. Nortel'sKatlehong Resource Centre
  15. Thintana i-learn project
  16. Lessons learnt in connecting schools to the Internet
  17. Journal of Information Technology Impact - Net Gains: Does access equal equity
  18. Connecting China education community to the global Internet - The China Education and Research project - Abstract
  19. The National Information Infrastructure: Policy Trends and Issues
  20. Information Sociey and Development Conference - Chairman's Conclusions
  21. The African Internet - A status report
  22. Accessing the Internet - DSL, Cable Modem or Dialup
  23. Technical Papers - Broadband Communications from Aerial Platforms

Hard Copy

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