Study Context

This page is dedicated to my Masters Project. I did an MSc, however the work bridged two disciplines, namely Computer Science and Education. I was fortunate enough to have two Supervisors, Cheryl Hodgkinson of the Education Department, and Alfredo Terzoli of the Computer Science Department. I also worked with two MEd students, Nikiwe Sotashe and Nombeko Mbane. My project looked at the technical aspects of integrating ICTs into schools, where Nikiwe focused on how teachers integrate ICT into the curriculum and their classes and Nomkeko focused on how the integration affects the pupils. We had a small research team working together, each of us tackling a different aspect of the problem and from different perspectives. The bigger problem was Cheryl's research project of

What strategic issues need to be addressed to ensure that secondary schools in the Makana District can successfully integrate ICT into the curriculum?

Thus, the work that the three of us produced will hopefully result in a Masters degree of each of us, as well as contributing to Cheryl's project that will hopefully go to Government and have a long lasting affect on ICT integration into schools in the eastern cape and maybe the even country.

The title of the project was, Models of Internet connectivity for secondary schools in the Grahamstown Circuit.

The main research question was:
What networked computer technology can support secondary schools in the Eastern Cape to implement their vision or need for integrating ICT into the curriculum?

Subsidery questions arising out of the main question were: