No wonder they did so badly...

Wednesday, June 23. 2010
Resentment over Gourcuff treatment behind implosion
There is a symbolic aspect to the power struggle in the heart of the team and the ills of wider French society. Yoann Gourcuff could be forgiven for thinking the whole world is against him. Having been ignored by many of his team-mates for the past three weeks, Franceís mercurial misfit saw his unhappy World Cup come to an end even more prematurely than that of his colleagues when he was sent off for an elbow in the first half against South Africa yesterday. [...] The rift between Gourcuff and several high-profile players, including Nicolas Anelka and Franck Ribery, was the trigger to Les Bleusí dramatic implosion over the last few days.

Poor Gourcuff. I really hadn't been following this much and just assumed that the French were having a bad run of things because well they are French and temperamental. But for issues of class to be making its way onto the soccer field, that's really not adding to the "beautiful game". And that members of the team would oust Gourcuff based on his social class sets a terrible example for youth (who quite often worship these guys, they are their role models) all over the world. I am disgusted and now even more glad that Bafana Bafana kicked their butts for them.

Google China

Thursday, January 14. 2010
From the official Google Blog: A new approach to China
Like many other well-known organizations, we face cyber attacks of varying degrees on a regular basis. In mid-December, we detected a highly sophisticated and targeted attack on our corporate infrastructure originating from China that resulted in the theft of intellectual property from Google. However, it soon became clear that what at first appeared to be solely a security incident--albeit a significant one--was something quite different.

Interesting developments, a bit sad too.

The mind boggles

Saturday, June 20. 2009
Boston College Campus Police: "Using Prompt Commands" May Be a Sign of Criminal Activity
On Friday, EFF and the law firm of Fish and Richardson filed an emergency motion to quash and for the return of seized property on behalf of a Boston College computer science student whose computers, cell phone, and other property were seized as part of an investigation into who sent an e-mail to a school mailing list identifying another student as gay. The problem? Not only is there no indication that any crime was committed, the investigating officer argued that the computer expertise of the student itself supported a finding of probable cause to seize the student's property.

My sentiments exactly

Friday, June 12. 2009
Adam@home comic strip


Monday, April 6. 2009
People with too much time on their hands... National skirt extension project

According to TooMuchCoffee its nonsense but it certainly fooled a couple of people. Either, we South Africans are becoming used to wasting money in bizarre ways or the fact that it appeared close to but not on April first is why it wasn't obviously a hoax?

Update: Cherryflava have been digging around NSEP...

Update 2: It seems ad campaign theorist win, its apparently part of a campaign for Mrs Balls chutney... Skirt lengthening. Itís Mrs Balls. Its an odd campaign, but clearly successful in that it got a lot of talk.

Face. Palm.

Thursday, January 22. 2009
Teacher confiscates Linux CDs, claims no software is free
Update: Character-Assasinations-Ain't-Us ... his apology on certain comments is fair, especially comments that painted many teachers with the same brush. That said, I still believe that whoever the original teacher was should have researched first, and thought a little bit before she wrote what she did.

Isn't that convinient?

Thursday, November 20. 2008
This morning it was announced on the news that the floor crossing legislation has officially been banned. Isn't that funny? Just when things could have gotten really interesting with a potential of ANC members to cross over to Lekota's new party. The banning or abolition of the legislation has been in the wind for a while now, so one might argue that well its just coincidence, but then I found this blog where my skepticism is shared
But I wonder whether there might not have been another reason for the ANC to have had a change of heart about floor crossing. If it is true, as Blade Nzimande said yesterday, that the ANC had been aware of Lekotaís intention to form a breakaway party from the beginning of the year, then one might wonder whether there is not a more cynical explanation for the ANCís sudden attack of principles.

I am certainly glad that a policy that was imo so clearly unconsitutional (in my mind at least because we vote for a party not a person in this country, thus if the person who represents the party leaves then the party should be able to replace them and not just get have their seats given away!!!) has been removed, but the timing is fishy.


Wednesday, November 5. 2008
I am stoked!

Barack Obama accepts US presidency-elect
Congratulations, President-Elect Obama
Obama wins election as first African-American President of U.S.
Victory speech, CNN

We're hoping to have an Obama won party this evening to celebrate :-)

Boris backs Obama

Thursday, October 23. 2008

Boris Johnson, London's Mayor, wrote an opinion piece in the Telegraph about why he backs Obama. Johnson is, in my mind, ironically a member of the British conservative party. I say this because the man is at times considered to be anything but conservative and seems to annoy people with his ability, at times, to call a spade a shovel (there was an episode where he appeared on Top Gear to drive the reasonably priced car, he was an absolute hoot! ;-) ). I think he is wonderful (not that I know anything about his political stance bar supporting Obama) and considering the politicians we have here, he is brilliant - very funny/witty, smart and a breath of fresh air. This recent article in the Telegraph is the best thing I have read of late on American politics and I have to say I agreed with it all the way, especially the parts where I laughed the loudest. Have a read, its very good.†

Barack Obama: Why I believe he should be the next President

Vote in the American election online

Monday, October 20. 2008
If you're not from the good'ol US of A, you can vote at It won't count towards the actual elections but you'll see who the world would vote be the next president if our opinions mattered. I'm pleased to say that as things stand atm I am on the winning side ;-) and agree with the XKCD sentiment of "Barack me Obamadeus"


Monday, October 13. 2008
Hayibo, described as "The second best satire site after the SABC" was pointed out to me by Mici, via another friend of ours from CT. It really is the funniest site I have seen in ages. It reminds me of the onion, but, funnier I think. I certainly laugh more reading some of the articles. This one from today's feed (again pointed out by Mic) had me in stiches ;-) ANC defends Springbok against ANC, ANC hits back (Site not suitable for people without a sense of humour.)

Singing (but not in the rain)

Monday, August 25. 2008
Baby sat Zoe again today. She was uncomfortable from acid reflux and so there are a variety of things I try to see what will make her comfortable, happy and sleepy each time she comes to visit. Today, she liked my singing! (for it I'm inclined to make her my new best friend ;-P ) Most people who have heard me sing have generally asked me not to do that (except perhaps drs, who is just kind that way). But today my singing actually soothed her enough that she just passed out in my arms! I don't intend to give up my day job, but she made me feel very good about my singing abilities :-)

xkcd and phd comics making my day

Thursday, August 7. 2008
Holy Ghost

Mid-tenure crisis


Monday, August 4. 2008
icanhascheezburger lions

Crying with laughter

Tuesday, June 17. 2008
I'm a†massive Dave Barry fan, I think he is just one of the funniest guys ever. I got emailed this from Barry, its brilliantly funny and I laughed til the tears were rolling. I especially enjoyed the part about music:
but this music today, you can't even call it music, it sounds like angry men clubbing a yak to death with electric guitars

If you like Dave Barry go and read One degree of separation, its really very funny.