Telkom in the news

Wednesday, May 26. 2010
Top Telkom execs take package
Two of Telkom's top executives, Thami Msimango and Naas Fourie, have taken voluntary retrenchment packages that the telecommunications utility has been offering as part of its downsizing exercise.

Telkom probes cable fraud allegations
Telkom has tasked a forensic investigator to look into allegations that high-level management staff colluded with security companies hired to protect Telkom's copper assets.

Lower Telkom tax urged
In what looks like an interim measure for Internet service providers (ISPs), the industry association is calling on the regulator to force Telkom to bring down line rental costs.

Oh wouldn't it be lovely?

Monday, May 17. 2010
Bring on 100 Mbps broadband: ICASA Councilor
Local broadband users have been spoilt with mobile broadband speeds of up to 21.1 Mbps, but on the fixed line side maximum ADSL speeds have remained at 4 Mbps for the last few years. Telkom is planning to increase speeds to 10 Mbps in the near future, but according to ICASA Councilor William Stucke we should look towards 100 Mbps or even 1 Gbps connections to the home.

Universal access

Wednesday, April 21. 2010
Universal broadband by 2019 – Nyanda
South Africans will have universal access to broadband by 2019, communications minister Siphiwe Nyanda said in his budget speech in parliament on Tuesday. "We have finalised the broadband policy whose vision is to ensure that South Africans have universal access and services to broadband by 2019," Nyanda said. "The benefits accruing from the policy will include the provision of multimedia and e-government throughout the country."


Wednesday, April 21. 2010
Piracy is not a crime
The Business Software Alliance's (BSA) efforts are being thwarted by a three-decades-old law, as the organisation tries to clamp down on piracy and stop money leaking out of the economy. As the law stands, end-user piracy is not a crime and is difficult to enforce as an infringement of copyright law. This law dates back to 1978 and the maximum fine that can be imposed on someone selling pirated software is R5 000 per ripped copy. The BSA says this is not enough, and penalties need to be harsher in order to trim the amount of piracy in SA. The latest figures from the IDC show that piracy went up a percentage point in SA between 2007 and 2008, which amounted to R3.1 billion in industry losses.

R. I. P. Bennie

Monday, April 19. 2010
Found out this morning that a past teacher at one of the schools we support passed away this weekend. He was a lovely guy with a kind heart and really passionate about seeing technology in schools - excited about the potential to make a difference in education to the underprivileged.  I hope his soul has found rest. He will be missed.

Infraco and Interconnections...

Friday, April 16. 2010
Infraco mulls options after Icasa decision
State-owned telecommunications infrastructure operator Broadband Infraco will "consider all its options" in the wake of a decision by its regulator not to grant it a service licence.

Icasa drops interconnect fee bombshell
The Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) has dropped a bombshell on SA’s telecommunications industry. It wants mobile termination rates slashed to just 40c/minute by July 2012, from 89c/minute during peak calling time now.


Tuesday, March 30. 2010
More bandwidth incoming
South Africans who have been watching the broadband boom with interest will be pleased to know more international bandwidth competition is on the horizon.

Epistemology and ICTs

Wednesday, March 24. 2010
This was posted on IOZ, epistemology in a networked society, and my ears pricked. I'm so interested in this type of thing, I just wish I had more time to invest in reading around it and getting involved in discussions. The PhD student in me wants to analyse the implicit epistemology of the network society and read all about it and write lots of papers on it ;-) Its an interesting blog post in that it sparks interest but not massively informative, but reading the issue paper from the SA Law commision (which seems to be the catalyst for this post) might be more so? Anyway, its interesting imo.

One way of keeping students/staff interested and motivated...

Thursday, March 18. 2010
Employers: Look to gaming to motivate staff
Clearly defined goals and fair, incremental rewards are two game design techniques that could motivate the 'gamer generation' in the workforce, according to a US academic. Lee Sheldon of the Indiana University believes managers may have to rethink how they engage the next generation entering the mainstream workforce.

The internet and the potatos...

Thursday, March 18. 2010
Kenyan farmer lauds internet as saviour of potato crop
Kenyan farmer Zack Matere explains how he saved his potato crops thanks to the internet.

Cheaper intertubes

Thursday, March 18. 2010
MWeb wades into broadband price war
MWeb, a unit of media giant Naspers, has joined the broadband price war in SA, offering aggressively priced uncapped broadband.

More on the e-rate

Monday, March 8. 2010
Stage set for bunfight over schools 'e-rate'
The Independent Communications Authority of SA (Icasa) will hold hearings on 4 and 5 March to consider arguments from industry players on the so-called “e-rate” discount of 50% to schools and some tertiary institutions.

Aaaarrrrr... *face.palm*

Thursday, February 25. 2010
Use open source? Then you're a pirate!
There's a fantastic little story in the Guardian today that says a US lobby group is trying to get the US government to consider open source as the equivalent to piracy.

Google China

Thursday, January 14. 2010
From the official Google Blog: A new approach to China
Like many other well-known organizations, we face cyber attacks of varying degrees on a regular basis. In mid-December, we detected a highly sophisticated and targeted attack on our corporate infrastructure originating from China that resulted in the theft of intellectual property from Google. However, it soon became clear that what at first appeared to be solely a security incident--albeit a significant one--was something quite different.

Interesting developments, a bit sad too.


Thursday, January 14. 2010
Broadband Infraco will break Telkom's stranglehold
The Internet Service Providers Association of South Africa (ISPA) congratulates Broadband Infraco ("Infraco"), the new State-owned telecommunications infrastructure provider, on the receipt of its individual-electronic communications network services (I-ECNS) licence from ICASA. According to ISPA The award of this licence, together with the extensive fibre cable assets which Infraco inherited from Transnet and Eskom, places this new organisation in a good position to begin realising its mandate of broadening the availability of network services and lowering the cost of communications in South Africa.

Don't really expect to see much change in the immediate future.

Vodacom accused of turning a blind eye on spam
Vodacom accused of being the biggest source of phishing spam and other Internet fraud in SA.