Meeting with Cheryl

I had a meeting with Cheryl this morning at her office on UCT campus (aside, they don't really build beautiful buildings there, they are all grey, dreary and drab. So very institutional). It was fantastic. I recently went to Cape Town for a very short and fast paced 2 day symposium on Knowledge and curriculum. It focused mainly on Higher Education, but there was no reason that the work is not applicable to school level education. It was... very cognitive is how I think I would best describe it. Both days I left with my head spinning. The discussions concerned things that I had never read or heard of before and researchers that I had never read or heard of before, such a Basil Bernsteine and Karl Maton. It was really intense for someone with my background in mostly science to be completely submerged in a philosophy and sociology of education discussion on that nature. But very exciting to because I was introduced to some possible useful theories for framing my PhD in. I found some papers afterwards written by a student of Karl Maton's who was using his work in a way to frame her PhD which was a study in producing software to support informal teaching and learning in museums, which was very exciting to read. The meeting with Cheryl tried to encompass as much of all of this as possible and we really feel we have found something that could be extremely valuable. It has also produced an "ah-ha" moment for me where the real difference between a Masters and a PhD has sunk in. I have a lot of reading to do, a number of papers written by Maton and then hopefully a key few from Bernsteine, who is a bit difficult to understand and wrap ones head around, as well as a book by Lars Qvortrup and then hopefully two PhDs done at Rhodes recently.

We have also decided to use UCTs implementation of vula to keep track of resources and help Cheryl and I in better contact, something that has been so difficult since she moved to Cape Town. Hopefully that, along with possible video conferencing sessions will keep me going a little more. Unfortunately, with work and no real sense of expectation from either supervisors I have just let work have all my time. I would like that to stop.


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