UNR on Asus Eee 701W

We bought three Asus Eee 701w netbooks as part of the comparison to the XO laptops. They are very cute and massively light and thanks to Ubuntu netbook remix massively simple to install! All you do is dd the .img file onto your flash stick, pop the into a usb drive on the Asus, tell bios to boot that first and off you go. Fantastically simple. I love the desktop, its layout is really nicely done. The only thing that sucks a bit is that the mouse over animation that they do makes the interface slow. Its really annoying and weird. At first I thought it was just a 900MHz processor not coping with gnome, but if you run OOffice app then the graphics response is immediate (and for any of the other applications in fact). Its just the mouse over animations for the menus. Thankfully its a known bug and fixed with the 2.6.28-11.43 kernel. Downloading it here and then using dpkg to install (and reboot) fixes it up fantastically, making the whole experience that much more pleasant! The other thing that is hard about these little guys is the 7 inches. It makes for a tiny keyboard and its difficult to type on. But you can get use to it. That said, I would personally go for the 10 inch models and get a bit more keyboard realestate.

If you are keen to read/learn more about UNR, then you should read here, while instructions for installing using UNR are here.

Here are some pics of the Asus with the UNR installation - later when they are register on the RU network I will edubuntu-fy them. The look is similar but with the educational packages added in.


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