Hi, my name is Ingrid Siebörger. I am a part time PhD student and full time member of staff (COE Research Assistant) at Rhodes University, Computer Science Department, in Grahamstown South Africa. This page is dedicated to things that I find interesting and provides links to things related to my masters project, PhD and COE research output.

My Masters was in the area of ICT in Education integration focusing on what networked computer technology can support secondary schools in the Eastern Cape to implement their vision or need for integrating ICT into the curriculum. So if you are like me and want to read more about the things I get up to research wise then check out my Masters page.

My PhD is going to focus on ICT architectures that best meet the pedgogical needs of schools in terms of teaching labs. In addition proposed models will also stive to be cost effective and easy to deploy and maintain. Further information pertaining to PhD work can be found on my PhD page. While in terms of research output as a part of my job feel free to browse through my CS department research web site.

If you are looking for more general things that I do with my time, then feel free to check out my blog where I discuss not only things work related, but other things happening in my life.

Otherwise you are welcome to follow one of the other links off this page to whatever it is you may find useful here. Happy reading :)